Commercial Wireless Needs Assessment

Please assist us in providing you with the most accurate business quote possible. By answering the questions below, our carriers will have a clearer understanding of exactly what you are requesting and can respond accordingly. Your federal tax ID is requested to allow the carriers to determine if you are due any specific discounts and provide you with the most competitive quote. All information is proprietary and confidential.

Carrier(s) and Lines of Service

Which carrier(s) are you currently using?

How many lines of service do you have? (by carrier)

What area(s) of coverage do you require?

Do you have a list of physical locations we can check for coverage? (provide zip codes)


What handsets are you currently using? (manufacturer/model)

Would you prefer similar devices or are there other devices you would like to evaluate?

Do you have special device requirements like BlueTooth, camera phones, or a certain operating system - (Palm/Windows/BlackBerry)?

How many devices are used strictly for voice communications?

How many devices are used for both voice and data (Ex: BlackBerry, Palm, iPhone, etc.)

Do you have any mobile broadband cards? How many?

Do you have any devices that use push-to-talk? How many?

Do you have any devices that you use for data only? How many?

If you use BlackBerry devices, do you have a BlackBerry Exchange Server (BES)?

Service Plans

Do you have a summary statement of you wireless billing? Do you have this in a PDF file?

What is the current state of your contractual arrangement with your existing wireless provider(s)?

How many of your current devices are within contract and how many are out of contract?

Are there any early termination fees that your existing carrier may impose if you disconnect or port service to another provider?

Are you pooling or sharing minutes among your users? If so, how many total minutes are pooled?

On average, how many minutes per device are you using?

Do your plans include unlimited nights and weekends? Unlimited mobile to mobile?

Do you have plan for texting? Is this plan capped or unlimited?

What type of data plans do you have? Unlimited or charged by amount of data used?

Do you employ devices that are used outside of the United States? Which countries and how many?

Do your international callers use smartphones with voice and data? Do they use mobile broadband cards?


Are you using any special mobile applications? (Navigation/Work Force Management, etc.)

Do you have any employees that are dispatched and need to communicate to a base location?

What type of mobile assets would you like to track? Vehicles? Employees? Assets?

Customer Information

Company Name

Fed Tax ID


Telephone Number


Please attach a copy of your current wireless bill: (Limit: 8MB)