Running the Distance

Know What You Don’t Know You Need

Running the distance

After reviewing your phone bill for what your line charges include there is a section where you should find your local and long distance rate charges.  Write down your charge for that package plan.

Normally there is a ‘package plan’ monthly fee for a limited number of minutes on long distance service and toll free number service.  Write down how many minutes you are allowed under that package plan.

At the bottom of the columns most of the billing companies have run a total of your minutes used.  Take a moment and write down those total minutes you have used.

If you then look at the columns of calls you have made you will likely see that you went over your package plan of, say for example, 500 minutes.  When you go over your elected plan minutes, the company can then charge you anything from six (.06) cents per minute to twenty (.20) cents per minute.

So, if you go over by 68 minutes you may have an extra charge of 68 times 6 cents equaling $4.08.  Well, that’s no big deal right?  So what if you do it 12 times, that’s only  another $50 a year that you spend.

On the other hand, if you had a straight plan of .019 cents a minute it would have cost you $10.80 not the $37 for the package plan and the $4.08 for the overage which comes to $41.08 per month.  So, if you fix that one little thing you are then paying around $10.80 per month (568x.019) instead of $41.08 which saves you $30.28 a month which over a year saves you approximately $363.36.

Ask yourself how many minutes have you been charged overage costs in the past year?  What are the real costs?

Can you now see why you should take the time to assess your telecommunications costs?  It’s the beginning of a new year.  Do you really want to renew that contract that you have in place without even looking for a way to save money?

Always remember that you have choices.

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