Online Video is an Effective Remote Meeting Tool

Are you planning to travel for business over the holidays? Be prepared because the prices for airlines tickets are going up 7% to 18%.
You can also expect to have more crowded flights and longer lines checking in. According to the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics, “airlines are at a 10 year high of packing the planes”.

So, what are your alternatives to spending time in hotels and airline terminals?

Collaborative Meetings

With new flash-based collaboration solutions you can share documents, applications and even incorporate items on your desktop. Your meetings are able to include whiteboards, chats, and application sharing utilities on high quality webinars that allow you to present with distinct professionalism.

Video Messaging

Video is, by far, the most successful way to give your message impact. You can easily create a personal video message while incorporating PowerPoint slides and media clips and email them to your clients and prospective clients.
With video messaging you are able to easily run a live webinar and produce an active, creative presentation that will be remembered. Research has shown that a shorter, more connected video message is very effective for communications because the person on the other end can see your face and hear you talking directly to them. If you then add videos of customer testimonials and product shots it can become a convincing box of goods.

Large Group Webcasting

Cater to a larger enterprise group with a solution that enables you to schedule, produce and manage your own webcast events. It is possible to use streaming video and audio during this larger, broadcast style meeting. Webcasting eliminates the need for connecting large pieces of equipment that are difficult to move or set up.
The arrival of streaming media is an advantageous addition for corporate education.
It eliminates travel, removes time restrictions and distance issues and is cost-effective and convenient as a dispersed audience method of involvement.

Maximize Your ROI

Simply stated, this is a solution that is convenient, economical and packed ready for use:

• An inexpensive alternative to many face-to-face group meetings and events
• A simplified method to produce and deliver streaming media webcasts
• At your disposal whenever you need it, even on short notice, for events such as:

  • corporate meetings
  • marketing events
  • online training
Prepare Before for the Event:
  • Set up the event through a simple point-and-click user interface
  • Select the registration type, ranging from quick access, to secure password protection, to credit card collection
  • Automatically create an index of sessions in the event, to provide convenience for prospective participants
  • Automatically generate URLs for attendees to register for and view an event
  • Customize the branding to reinforce your brand identity
  • Upload your slides to the event at a moment’s notice
  • Make downloadable materials available for participants
  • Send out branded and customized email notifications to your audience
  • Create polls, surveys, tests and URLs for use during your webcast
  • Track registrants as the event approaches
Live Action During Your Event:
  • Conduct your webcast
  • Further interact with the audience by pushing polls, surveys, tests and URLs
  • Manage live Q&A with your audience through our Message Center
  • Monitor your online participants
  • Support different media players and connection speed types for true compatibility
  • Support streaming video, streaming audio only and conference call-supported participants from the same live event
  • Follow Up After Your Event:
  • Create an on-demand archive presentation from the live webcast
  • Send out branded and customized post-event email blasts to announce the archive
  • Obtain collective as well as individual responses of polls, surveys, and messages from webcast participants
  • Track viewer usage statistics on both the live and archived event

After reading this information, you may just want to give that travel a second thought!

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