Must-Have Free Apps For Your New iPhone 4

With all the new Verizon customers that will likely buy their own iPhones soon, I’m sure you will be seeing this kind of article more often. There are so many app choices and so many app reviews. How does one decide what to put on their phone?

As the owner of an iPhone for the past 4 years, I can tell you that you will constantly change your “go-to” app on a weekly, if not daily basis. It’s part of the fun. (iPhun?) But the recommendations below are what I keep on my iPhone all the time. I like knowing they are there, even if I don’t use them all the time. These are in no particular order, but all are absolutely free!

The Weather Channel: Too easy. Quick, local info. Too bad they recently lost the road cameras, but maybe we will get that back in the future.
Dictionary: The searches on this app are a breeze. The developers have done a nice job making this app faster with each new update. Now with voice recognition, it takes no time to find the right word. Thesaurus is there too!
iTalk: I like this app better that Apple’s, “Voice Memos.” It has great quality and you can move your recordings to your PC or Mac through the air! (Over a wi-fi network, anyway.)
FlashLight4G: Simple. Gives you the flash light from the back of the phone when you need it. Extremely useful. I keep it on my home page because I can’t tell you how often I’ve needed a little light.
Key Ring: For those people who have a thousand login names and want to make sure each account has a unique password, this free app works just fine. It’s a simple data base with a very intuitive interface. The data is stored in encrypted form and protected by a master password.
AppShopper: Imagine the App Store on steroids. That’s AppShopper. You have quick access to reviews, price changes, wish lists and more. Sometimes it’s easier to find what you need through this app.

These apps are useful and they are free. You can’t go wrong trying them out.

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