Frequently Asked Questions

How many quotes am I to expect from your company and which carriers will they be coming from?
That depends, since T1 Town has access to all the major carriers, we will review all the pricing and services from all companies to offer you the best for your business.

What kind of fee do you charge and how do you base this cost?
There is No Fee or Cost to you EVER!

Who handles the account after we sign the contract? Do you stay involved with this process?
Your T1 Town Representative with all post sales questions you have and will help with the installation process and any billing questions.

When there is a service outage whom do we contact?
Please refer to the Contact Us Page for a list of Customer Support numbers in order to contact the carrier of your service.

When there are billing issues or credits due, whom do we contact?
We are here to help with those questions, please contact us!

When our first bill comes in who will go through that with us to make sure we were charged what we were quoted?
T1 Town is here to go through this process with you.

Do you perform quarterly follow-ups to all of your customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the service?
Absolutely! The team at here at T1 Town is here for you at all times.

At the end of our term what happens? Who will contact us with updated pricing and terms?
A T1 Town Represantive will contact you through out your contract to make sure you are satisfied. We will also contact you and make sure we are able to keep your services current with the latest technology while controlling your costs.

Contact us for a free no obligation cost analysis.