Five Reasons You Should Be Using Video Email For Prospecting

In today’s competitive world, it has become increasing more difficult to initiate the sales process with new prospects. The old method of sending direct mail has become almost obsolete and let’s face it, most cold mail pieces are just thrown in the trash. Telemarketing calls, which were popular in the 80’s are becoming less and less effective because of “caller ID features” and voicemail screening. Traditional email marketing has increased in volume tremendously, but now it has become oversaturated and impersonal. What is needed is a new technique that utilizes the email marketing format but adds a personal, almost interactive touch. Video email marketing is the answer and its use is rising very quickly. Video email is the use of your webcam and software to film yourself making a presentation to your prospects. This presentation can then be imbedded into your emails via a link. When your prospects get your email, they can click on the link and there you are in living color talking to them with your message. Here are the top five reasons that you should using video email for your prospecting programs.

  • It is more effective than traditional email. With traditional email, every message looks the same in your prospect’s mailbox. Most of the emails are spam sent out by machines that are not even relevant to the prospect’s needs. With video email, you can target your prospects individually and through your video presentation, you can customize each message, even down to each individual. With the link that says, “Please watch my recorded message.”, it builds curiosity in the prospect that urges him to click on the link and see what the message says. Actual results reveal that video increases the results by 22% over traditional email. I have sent out video messages to a list of 1000 executives that I targeted with personal messages and ended up doing business with thirty one individuals and started a dialogue with fifty seven executives.
  • It is easy to use. You just need a webcam and access to video software to film your personal videos. There are several video email software programs that you can find with a search on the web. Once you have made your video, you can store it and recall it at any time. You can make generic videos to go to a vertical industry or you can make individual videos to go to specific people. You may have a brief aversion to filming yourself, but once you practice a bit, you will become a real pro.
  • It is just like being there. With a video of yourself making a presentation, it is just like you are in the room with your prospect making your pitch in person. It is almost better because you are uninterrupted. You can deliver your entire message without being diverted to other topics or issues.
  • Visuals, like PowerPoints, can be deployed. Again, just like making live presentations, you can roll in PowerPoint slides that will appear beside your video and give emphasis to the points that you are making. There is a feature that allows you to upload your presentations or jpegs and store them for use on your videos.
  • You can roll in videos. You can actually play a video beside your video, which brings in even more information to the prospect. If you don’t want to have two videos going simultaneously, you can switch your video off until the other video has stopped playing.

In the final analysis, you owe it to yourself to try video email marketing. I am sure you will find, like I did, that it is an exciting way to capture your prospect’s attention and get better results.

Mike Burns has been in the conferencing industry since 1971, having originally worked for Southwestern Bell and AT&T. In 1989, Mr. Burns founded Conference Pros International and in 2000, Mr Burns founded A+ Conferencing, a conferencing provider that sells exclusively through master agents and resellers. Mr Burns speaks and writes about the conferencing industry frequently.

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  1. This is a great post. I really agree with all the content. Some products also add Lead Tracking to their tool sets. That way you can send off your one video message to 1,000’s and know real-time who is watching. Maybe even do autoresponding with more information for the viewer.

    Gary W. Anderson

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