Metro Ethernet

What is Metro Ethernet?

Metro Ethernet: is a computer network that covers a metropolitan area and that is based on the Ethernet standard. It is commonly used as a metropolitan access network to connect subscribers and businesses to a larger service network or the Internet. Businesses can also use Metro Ethernet to connect branch offices to their Intranet.

Metro Ethernet Features and Benefits

  • Wide range of bandwidth options
  • Reduce common network bottlenecks and network congestion.
  • Simplifies LAN/WAN transport interconnection management.
  • Increased savings over legacy networks.
  • Reliability including Class of Service (CoS) which guarantees service uptime, 24 x 7 customers support and network monitoring.  Managed Ethernet services are also available with Metro Ethernet services.  This includes networking equipment including routers and switches

Metro Ethernet Diagram

Private Line Metro Ethernet Diagram