Enterprise Cloud Services

From designing complex Wide Area Networks to connect all of your offices together for voice and data communication, to disaster recovery and business continuity planning, we see ourselves as your total communications advisor and partner. We provide a comprehensive list of services for the convenience of our customers that allows us to become a one stop solution for all of their communications requirements.

Data Network Design

Design is not a one-size-fits-all model.  Our highly-skilled and experienced staff members are prepared to design solutions that fit your needs and budget.   Whether you are a large enterprise with complex needs or a small business needing a plan for future growth, our team can help you design a network plan that will grow with you.

Through project planning, management and integration, our team of trained account managers and tech support engineers develop solutions that address both your current and your anticipated communications voice and data requirements.

Disaster Recovery

Is your business adequately equipped to deal with unexpected and disruptive events? Sooner or later a disruption in your normal business operations is quite likely to occur. Interruptions may be due to a major weather incident such as a hurricane or something more mundane like a simple unexpected power interruption – but the potential impact on your business could be devastating.  Consider how critical voice communications are in enabling you to respond quickly and effectively to your customers/clients.

A T1 Town Specialist can help you plan for recovery and emergency preparedness associated with unplanned disruptions.