DS3/OCx Services

What is a DS3?

A DS-3, also called a T3, is a dedicated circuit delivered by a LEC via traditional local copper networks and, in some cases, over fiber. In its full rate form, a DS-3 has the same capacity of 28 T1s.

Like a T1, a DS-3 can be channelized to deliver voice as well as data. When channelized for voice, a DS-3 can hold 672 individual 64 kbps POTs lines.

When connected to a tier-one carrier edge router however, it delivers 45 Mbps of bi-directional Internet connectivity.

What is OCx?

Optical carrier  circuits are provisioned via fiber networks and provide carrier-grade throughput speeds when terminated into a carrier network for bandwidth transit.

Since OCx service is all optical fiber, it ties into a carrier’s SONET infrastructure for completely redundant, self-healing delivery.

OCx  level pipes offer various flavors. Fractional, Burstable and Full OCX circuits are available from most Tier 1 NSPs. With ‘X’ being the variable, there are several forms of Optical Carrier circuits.