National Asset Remarketing

About Us

National Asset Remarketing is a Louisville, Kentucky-based company providing IT asset purchase and consignment services to organizations of all sizes, in all industries, anywhere in the USA. We are specialists in IT asset sales, IT life cycle management, responsible asset retirement, and electronic data security.

Recover Cash from Old Technology Equipment

Every company, large or small, eventually refreshes or upgrades its information technology equipment, things such as PCs, laptops, servers, network gear, point of sale terminals, and, of course, phone systems.

When you replace a piece of computer or network hardware, you have to do something with the old hardware. This is where we come in. National Asset Remarketing helps companies find the most profitable or cost effective way to dispose of their retired IT assets.

What Is Asset Remarketing?

Finding buyers for assets that a company no longer uses is called asset remarketing, or asset recovery. We specialize in finding buyers for Information Technology (IT) assets. IT assets include PCs, laptops, monitors, peripherals, servers, routers, battery backup systems, generators, cooling systems, racks, phone systems, and related equipment.

What We Can Do for You

We help you recover cash for end-of-life technology equipment, which simultaneously reduces your e-waste disposal expense. We don’t replace your existing recycling solution. We improve on it by pinpointing assets with residual value and remarketing them for cash. The more items we recover for resale, the fewer items that have to be recycled, reducing your overall recycling cost.

If data security is a concern, we provide complete peace of mind. Our protocol for destroying data on remarketable PCs is fully compliant with all state and federal rules, including HIPAA, FERPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and GLBA

Do You Need Our Services?

  • Is your company expanding, shrinking, merging, or being acquired?
  • Have you recently replaced a large group of PCs or servers?
  • Are your PCs refreshed on a three-year cycle?
  • Do you have a desktop or server virtualization project scheduled?
  • Do you have a storage room stuffed with old computers, monitors, printers, phones, etc.?

All of these conditions produce surplus or retired IT hardware. At the very least, we can help you properly dispose of retired equipment and clean out the clutter. But in most cases we can help you recover residual cash value from assets you thought were worthless.