Mobile Short Codes

Custom Services

Your business is different.  We have a full suite of custom services that will help maximize the effectiveness of mobile for your business. Interested in variable coupon codes to better track response rates? Would you like your clients to visit your mobile site to schedule an appointment? We can help.

Services Include:

  • Mobile Websites
  • 2D Barcodes (QR Codes)
  • Mobile Strategy Development
  • Text to IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Text to WIN
  • Text to VOTE
  • Text for INFO
  • Variable Coupon Code Tracking
  • Promotion Materials

Why 2 Minute Mobile?

  • True SMPP text messages ensuring your messages are delivered.
  • Please beware of companies offering SMTP in which up to 60% of messages aren’t delivered.
  • Tier ONE aggregator relationships with all the major carriers in the US.  You reach MORE people.
  • Ethically, we only charge for outgoing text messages.  There is no charge for incoming opt in messages.
  • One of the best mobile platforms in the country allowing you to create mobile campaigns in less than two minutes with NO computer skills. Save time and avoid the headaches.
  • Local and live support.  Yes, we’re human.  You’re not just submitting an email ticket to an auto-response message.
  • Step by step guidance on how to get your mobile strategy going.
  • Marketing and promotional materials ready for you to use.
  • Additional keyword campaigns to use on your website, on-location POP, flyers, and other advertising
  • The latest mobile functionality, including variable coupon codes with tracking interface.
  • We empower individuals and organizations to get more from their marketing efforts.  2 Minute Mobile is easy, fast and with the advent of shared short codes, very affordable.