Merchant Services

There are few things more important than your ability to accept payments for your products and services. We have the most up to date technology available to make sure your business is always able to accept payments. With relationships with all the major card networks, allowing you to accept all forms of payments at the point of sale.

Customer Service is our number one priority. We understand that our success is wholly based on your success. That is why we work to partner with you to keep your business running effectively and efficiently. Lost sales for you means a decrease in revenue for your business as well as Veritas Merchant Services, so we are committed to correcting any problems immediately. We also depend on your satisfaction to promote growth, so our goal is to always provide the best service to our customers.

Veritas Merchant Services takes pride in our fair and honest pricing structure, as well as easy to read statements. If at any time you have questions about your pricing or statement, one of our qualified representatives will take the necessary time to ensure that every aspect of your billing structure is understood.

Some Available Services

  • Credit, Debit, and EBT card Acceptance
  • Gift Card Solutions
  • Check Verification & Conversion
  • Point-of-Sale Software & Online Global Gateways
  • Business Cash Advance
  • Payroll Cards
  • PCI Compliance Solutions

Veritas Merchant Services offers the most up to date technology available to make sure your business is always able to accept secure payments.  We have relationships with all the major card networks allowing you to accept all forms of payments at the point of sale.

Why is Veritas Different?

  • Strong emphasis on education
  • Low monthly rates and fees
  • Local support with exceptional customer service
  • Easy to read statements
  • No hidden fees
  • Flexible contracts
  • Partners with business owners to increase visibility
  • Partners with reputable Non-Profit Organizations to give back to our local community

Vision Statement:

Veritas Merchant Services was founded with the idea of incorporating truth and honesty into the credit card processing industry.  We felt that the overall industry was taking advantage of business owners through deceit and confusion.  Veritas Merchant Services wants to lead the industry in the service and care that is offered in payment processing.  We want to become a partner that businesses trust to handle the most important part of their daily operations.  As a partner, our goal should always be to seek ways to improve and increase our customer’s ability to grow.  The value of any person or entity does not amount to much if it isn’t shared.

Veritas Merchant Services also looks for ways to help and enable growth within the communities where we work.  Our Triple Crown program has been set up to support local and reputable non-profit organizations.  This allows increased visibility to those non-profit organizations as well as helping to provide monthly revenue streams for them.  Let us never become so wrapped up in ourselves that we can’t be giving to others.  Share what you have, and it will come back to you.

Veritas Menus of Services:

Credit and Debit Card Processing

Allows you to accept all major credit and debit cards for payment of your products or services. We can provide service for businesses of all size and find solutions to meet your needs whether you have a storefront retail store, take orders over the phone, via a website, have a terminal, use software, or a combination of any of these items. With next day funding available, we can improve your cash flow. Our secure transaction processing also lowers your risk. One of our qualified representatives will sit down with you and tailor a program to meet each of your payment processing needs.

Gift Card Solutions

Studies show that gift cards help to increase profit, attract new customers, manage cash flow, and build loyalty. We have a wide variety of programs that allow you to customize cards to build brand awareness. Easily track all gift card transactions as well as outstanding balances with the online reporting features. Allow your customers to become advertising agents for you by sending new customers to your location.

Check Verification and Conversion

Accept payments with less risk of fraud and virtually eliminate dealing with NSF returns. Telecheck offers verification and warranty services to notify you of potential risk and can convert checks to an electronic transaction, saving you time spent going to the bank and increasing the speed in which you receive your funds.

Internet and Phone Payments

Card not present transactions are continuing to increase as businesses expand their market with use of the internet. With our state of the art solutions you can have increased security and reduction of fraud while accepting all payment types. Easy integration of your website means your customers do not have to leave your site to make their payments.

Combined Statements

Wouldn’t it be easier if all of your credit card transactions, deposits, and monthly payments were on one statement? Veritas Merchant Services, LLC., offers Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express all on one statement to help simplify your accounting process and save you time and energy.

Automated Recurring Billing/ACH

If your company bills customers on a recurring basis, this program keeps you from having to invoice your customer each month. With automated billing, you can charge the authorized amount monthly to the credit card designated by the customer or receive funds through an ACH transfer if the customer prefers to have the amount deducted from their bank account.

Electronic Benefits Transfer

From Food Stamps, Unemployment, to Tax Refunds, the government has worked to reduce fraud by placing funds on reloadable network branded cards. Electronic Benefits Transfer makes it easy for eligible businesses to accept these payments and verify eligibility.

Fuel/Pay-at-the-Pump Processing

Customized solutions that allow your customers to quickly and easily pay at the pump. All credit carriers are accepted, including major credit cards, bank debit cards, and gas cards. Secure processing , quick approvals, and prompt receipt printing instill confidence in your customers and gets them back on the road in the shortest amount of time possible. We can work with existing terminals, so there is no need to purchase new equipment.

Business Cash Advance

There are times that your business needs additional funding in order to grow. With the business cash advance, you are already approved for funds based on your current credit card processing volume. We want your business to be as much of a success as you do, and we are here to support you in those efforts. Pricing is based on the size of the cash advance and is paid as a percentage of your credit card proceeds until your contract obligation is fulfilled.

Online Reporting

Designed to save you time and make you more productive by allowing you easy access to transaction details. Pull batch deposit information, transaction history, chargeback and retrieval information, statements, or other important features at a time when it is convenient for you. Access your account from anywhere at any time.

Wireless Solutions

Ideal for the business that doesn’t always work from the office. A wide variety of industries provide goods and services from various places out in the field. For mobile businesses, wireless merchant terminals allow you to accept payment with the assurance that the transaction is approved and with lower rates than calling in or key entering the card after you return to the office. We offer multiple equipment solutions that allow you handle your transactions on the go.

Payroll Cards

Our payroll card option provides yet another solution to employers for their payroll needs.  It offers your “unbanked” employees a substitute to the paper check.  Money Network is the leading pay card provider and is a safe, cost-effective alternative to paper checks for employees.  With Money Network, your employees have access to Allpoint ATM network, America’s largest, surcharge-free ATM network.