Most businesses pay too much for Telecommunications!

Is your business one of them?

T1 Town representatives are here to help with a free no obligation audit of all your services and invoices.

T1 Town is vendor neutral so we are able to offer you cutting edge technology while effectively managing costs.

Don’t assume that your competition is paying the same rates as you for telecom services, even if you use the same company.

Based on our experience, similar-sized telecom customers often pay dramatically different rates for the same services.

The difference can be large – as much as 100%! You also shouldn’t assume that you have a good deal simply because your rates declined substantially the last time you renegotiated your contract. Studies show that as few as 5% of telecom customers have “market-leading” contracts.

  • Preliminary Analysis – Your T1 Town Cost Specialist will conduct a confidential, no-cost analysis of your current invoices to quickly estimate the cost savings opportunity that is available for you. Our Cost Specialist will work to review and identify and current supplier constraints.
  • Expense Analysis– Your T1 Town Cost Specialist will compile and format a historical expense data report per supplier, into a customized report. This provides you a categorized report of internal purchasing activities and also enables us to evaluate and prioritize which areas to address first.
  • Implementation – Your T1 Town Cost Specialist will arrange and facilitate supplier meetings with your employees, establish key performance measures for the suppliers and implement the reduced pricing schedules for your purchased supplies and services.
  • Vendor Management – Your T1 Town Cost Specialist will schedule business review meetings with your team on regular intervals to make sure you are satisfied with your current vendors and services. We also will bill review on a quarterly basis to make sure your company is receiving all the proper savings per vendor.

Contact us for a free no obligation cost analysis.