Choices Matter

Know What You Don’t Know You Need

Choices Matter

In the past three articles I walked through a step by step procedure about how to review telephone bills to procure savings.  I ended that process with a reminder that you have choices for your telecom contract.

When someone asks me what I think about a problem they are having my mind goes to a few questions that allow me to qualify their situation.

CASE STUDY 1 – A simple scenario

This case was “a problem with ‘slow’ computers”.

I asked if they just replaced their phone system and was told they have very old phones that need to be replaced.  I asked how many phones and the answer was 15 or 16.

That led me toward a possible VoIP solution.  I asked how many locations they had: One office and a warehouse.

More questions: How was the business doing, are they at a standstill, reduction in force, or are they growing?  The answer was they are expanding warehouse facilities.

I then asked who carried the phone services and when the present contract ended.  I was given a contact name. I called and got a copy of the phone bill.  I assessed the bill and learned the contract was renewed over a year ago.

I had a team member with this carrier relationship make a call, ask how we could work out a bandwidth upgrade for this client and if we could remove some other services and bring in SIP.  The customer qualified for a VoIP solution by changing the present phone services and adding a new phone system via a SIP arrangement.

The costs:  the savings on the present contract after upgrading the bandwidth was over $600 a month.  Adding the new phone system made their total monthly cost about $140 more than they were paying on just their telephone services.

So, for a small increase they had a new open-ended phone system that could grow with them by adding another phone, or they could remove a phone or two at any time and not pay for those phones.  If they needed another phone they paid for the new phone and the flat rate monthly cost to operate it.  And at the end of three years they owned the phone system.

No $40,000 bill, no added, hidden costs.  Just a solution specifically suited to their company needs.

Next time: CASE STUDY 2 –  A more complex situation

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