Although we like to believe that we’re safe a reminder may be in order. . .

Every day we get up, go to our computer at work, or our desk in the kitchen or wherever we like to start our day, and open our emails. We may grab a cup of coffee first, or whatever our favorite morning beverage is and take it with us planning to just sort through the newest inbox challenges and separate the info into categories, read through, file, mark for follow-up and reply to the important matters.
With all the latest and greatest services in place we regularly feel sure that whatever appears in our inbox has come from someone we know.
So, one day I open, read, file, open read mark, open, read the words ‘credit card’, ‘error’, and immediately think ‘what’s wrong with my credit card’? Then the creepy feeling goes up my spine when I realize this is not from my bank. What did I just open? What did I do? What should I do now? Did my new firewall protect me? Has my network been hacked? Do they have my private information?
I call my IT person and he assures me that there was no breach and this was a phishing expedition by someone trying to get my social security number attached to that credit card. That’s Nice. . . And I should feel safe now!? Deep down inside how can I know that I am really, for sure, still safe? It all felt very disturbing. I canceled my credit card and had another re-issued and reported the fraud. And then this week, a week after my experience, I see and hear that a regularly trusted email management company was breached and yet again I may be getting what looks like innocent emails because it will be my own, true email address.
What about you? Are you paying attention to the emails you open every day? Really? In our hectic lives containing so much data input we have to be aware that not everything is as it seems. Are you being vigilant? How are you being ‘safe’?
I welcome your thoughts and stories about your own experiences to share with others, so they can be aware. How many of you have had that exposed feeling and has it made you more aware of ‘phishing’ contact?

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